Snow Day


Transitioned from sand angels in Florida, to snow angels in Prague. Waking up to the light streaming in with snow lightly blanketing the tops of buildings was indescribable. I wasn’t cold but chills rushed through my limbs with excitement. Placing my cute little pom pom hat that my best friend gave me from home on my head, I grabbed my winter coat and brand new Sperry’s (because when do I ever wear snow boots in Florida), and dashed out to the streets.


My first reaction was laughter. How could something so simple, be so beautiful? The streets weren’t coated in the a beautiful white blanket, as it was still somewhat new and fresh. Clumps of snow were “crunched” under my feet, as I jumped on each and every one. The cars lining the streets were decorated with light snow. Same for the roofs of buildings, rails, churches—everything. I even saw a dog at one point, and yellow snow. I chuckled again. It was surreal. My camera was tucked away but as soon as we found a cute little café to recover, I pulled it out.

Through the assortment, the mini macaroon on top of the larger macaroon caught my eye. Raspberries were tucked away in the icing and I realized I would be returning to the café quite frequently. Luckily, it is only a few blocks from my apartment. Not that the day could get any better, (but it did) there was a little library tucked away in the back of the cafe, as you duck under the bricks. We got our warm coffees to heat up our frozen hands, and hop on the metro to Mustek, where we did some shopping. I got black boots, and then us typical Americans ended up at McDonalds. We were in a tourist area so I let it slide. Any other day, I’d be highly disappointed in myself for not immersing myself in the Prague cuisine.


As soon as Lana and I headed out, I stopped in my tracks and started laughing with giddiness all over again—it was truly snowing. Falling from the sky. Drifting so gracefully down to the ground. I can’t recall if I’ve ever seen that sight, or if I had, it was when I was around three or four years old in Tennessee. Either way, I was in awe. As happy as I was experiencing it, I felt remorse for the people who are so accustomed to snow that they forget the beauty of it. To the locals around me, it was just a typical annoying snow day where they can’t get into their cars. For me? Like a child seeing Disney World for the first time.

We ended with a snowball fight in our backyard/courtyard, where no footprints had yet gone. Lana grabbed my camera and pushed me into the snow first, letting me soak up the feeling of fresh snow.

I’m cozied up in a white blanket as I type this, nestled next to the heater. My chair is facing the window to watch the soft snow fall, illuminated by the street light. My roommate is napping next to me on the couch and we have our little lamp lightly illuminating the room for a little warmth. Cozy, warm, peaceful and lovely.

The snow angel may fade but the memories of my first snow angel will always be left in that courtyard in Prague.

Here’s to the little things that make us remember how magical average things can be.