I’m Shelby.
A creative mind searching to find hope, meaning, and purpose in everything I do.

Storytelling is my passion. Whether that be through videography, photography, drawings, music—you name it. To me, we all have unique stories and personalities on this planet and I love being able to document moments and lives.

I’m a Floridian through and through—born and raised. I love exploring every crook and crevice of this world and discovering the hidden treasures (whether that be people, cultures, talents… you get the point.)

I have songs on iTunes and Spotify, I saved up for a $200 candy machine when I was in 5th grade, have raised over $3,000 for Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children, and I've told numerous stories through couples, families, children, and strong individuals. 

When I’m not busy “art-ing” I’ll be running a couple miles, reading, or oddly enough—cleaning (it makes me feel like I have my life together hehe.) Yet the best feeling is being able to use my artistic abilities for the benefit of others. Seeing smiles spread across their face when they watch, see, hold, or hear the art I provide is truly the greatest.

That’s a little piece of me. I’d love to hear about your story.

xo, Shelby


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